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What Is Crawl Space Care?

It is probably safe to say that if there is an area of your home where care is often overlooked, it is probably going to be your home’s crawl space. It’s found underneath the home and is never really seen or noticed, what is there really to think about or care for? The professionals at Spencer Pest Services are here to inform you that caring for your home’s crawl spaces is extremely important in order to prevent dangerous moisture issues from forming inside of your home. Moisture accumulating in your home’s crawlspaces can cause major issues including the build-up of mold and mildew, and can even lead to your home’s structural wood decaying. Soft decaying structural wood can cause a lot of problems including attracting damaging pests like termites and carpenter ants to your home.

To control moisture issues in your home and protect it from mold, mildew, and pest issues you need to first control the environment. The best way to control the environment is to install an enclosed crawl space system; this type of system will protect your home from the moisture that is found both in the outside air and the ground. In addition to an enclosed crawlspace system installing interior/exterior French drains on your structure can help to direct excess water away from your home and its crawl spaces.

To help combat moisture issues in homes, Spencer Pest Services has developed our CrawlSpace Care® system. This system is designed to protect your structure’s crawl space from damaging moisture. This system is versatile and can be installed in either new build homes or existing homes.

We offer three different crawl space systems each providing a different level of protection:

  • Our Good system is our basic level system, it controls moisture with temperature-sensing vents that open and shut based on the temperature of the air outside your home. It also includes 80% coverage on the crawl floor and a crawl space clean-out to remove debris from your home’s crawlspace.
  • Our Better system controls moisture with temperature-sensing vents, the use of a dehumidifier, soil testing, 100% coverage of crawl floor, and the application of control products to kill microbes.
  • Our Best system is our most inclusive system that offers all the benefits of the Better system and also includes a high water alarm, a thermo-hygrometer, the stabilizing of the existing subfloor, an odor fan, and other specialized care options.

Don’t live with moisture problems in your home for another day; make the environment in your home as healthy as possible for your family by installing our CrawlSpace Care® system into your home. For detailed information about any of our highly effective systems or about installing interior/exterior French drains, give the moisture control professionals found at Spencer’s Pest Control a call today!