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What To Do When Cockroaches Show Up At Your Greenville Door

The most invasive cockroach in Greenville is the German cockroach, but don’t let the name fool you. These cockroaches didn’t travel to your home from Germany. They are the most widely distributed cockroach in the world and the number-one cockroach pest in the United States. The reason for their large distribution is their uncanny ability to live in the dry conditions inside homes and businesses. Other cockroach species prefer higher humidity. Some require so much humidity that they never become household pests. What do you do when German cockroaches shows up at your front door? Here are a few things you should know.

Quick Identification

If you don’t know what a German cockroach is or what it looks like, there are a few simple ways to figure it out. The color of a German cockroach is light brown to tan. It has two dark brown bands on the back of its head that look like an equal sign. It is a seed shape with two long antennae poking out from its head. Like all insects, it has six legs and three body parts, though you might have difficulty figuring out where its thorax ends and its abdomen begins. Its wings lay on top of its abdomen. While they can fly, they rarely do.

German Cockroaches vs. Other Cockroaches

All cockroaches are controlled in a similar way and are attracted to the same conditions. The big difference between German cockroaches and other roaches is their ability to thrive in a home that offers very little of what they’re looking for. For this reason, German cockroaches need more incentive to go away. Keep this in mind as you read on.

What Attracts Cockroaches

When cockroaches come into your yard, they gravitate to moist, shaded locations. The more vegetation and tree canopy you have, the more desirable your property will be.

Cockroaches are always looking for food but what a cockroach considers to be food may surprise you. If you have a dog that leaves dropping in your yard, your yard will be more interesting to cockroaches. Roaches feed on feces. If you have open trash or puddles underneath trash cans where organic material is rotting, cockroaches will be able to smell this from a distance. If you keep compost that is not mixed appropriately, cockroaches will take notice. They are drawn to anything that is rotting.

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Greenville Home

  • Inspect your exterior and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find.
  • Reduce moisture by making sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working order.
  • Trim your landscaping to allow for good airflow.
  • Rake leaves up quickly to prevent moist conditions from developing.

Cockroach Control

If cockroaches get into your home, humidity control is key to resisting them. Even German cockroaches can be affected by dry conditions, just to a lesser extent. Add fans or dehumidifiers to damp areas or locations of high humidity in your home. If you have a crawl space under your home, consider getting it professionally sealed.

Another important pest control measure that can have an impact on cockroaches is good sanitation. Since roaches are drawn to rotting organic matter, they will be less inclined to stay in a home that is clean. Deep clean, vacuum regularly, clean up spills immediately, and put dirty dishes in a sink of soapy water rather than next to the sink in a stack.

Refrain from using pesticides to address cockroaches. All cockroaches have the ability to develop chemical-resistant skins. If this happens, they could become a vehicle to bring toxic chemicals into your food storage areas, dish cabinets, and silverware drawers.

Threats Cockroaches Pose

Cockroaches are connected to the spread of 33 forms of harmful bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and at least 6 parasitic worms. They’re also known to aggravate asthma symptoms, and the presence of cockroaches in a home increases hospital visits for asthma-related symptoms.

The Best Solutions for Cockroaches

Cockroaches are secretive pests that can cause illness. If you attempt to get rid of them, you may not know if you have succeeded. The best solution is to reach out to Spencer Pest Services and make sure those cockroaches are completely gone. Our licensed and highly-trained pest professionals know what is needed to eliminate German cockroaches and other pest cockroaches in the Greenville area.