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What’s Attracting Wasps To Your Greenville Home?

We all know that flowers attract stinging insects. But flowers aren’t the only attractants that can bring wasps into your yard. Wasps eat sweets and meats. They’re as likely to dine on a bug, a dead animal, or some organic material in your trash as they are on the nectar from a flower. If you provide these food sources for wasps, you’re going to have more of them in your yard, and they may get the idea that creating a nest in your Greenville yard is a great idea.

Controlling Sweets

The sweets that wasps eat most are nectar from flowers and honeydew products by plant-damaging insects. Getting rid of your flowers to prevent wasps probably isn’t going to be a solution for you, so getting rid of nectar as an attractant isn’t a solution. But you can have control of honeydew. When you have routine treatments from a licensed professional, you get coverage for the insects that damage your plants and leave honeydew for wasps to eat.

Controlling Meats

The meats that wasps eat most are bugs that crawl around in your yard. When you control how many bugs you have, you control how many wasps you’ll have. Once again, residential pest control provides the best solution to this problem. Routine treatments around your home will directly reduce bugs and also reduce the insects that they eat. It is a bug-eat-bug world in your backyard.

Why It Is Important to Reduce Wasp Attractants

When a wasp visits your yard and it is away from its nest, there is little chance that you’ll get stung unless you provoke it or press up against it. But a wasp that is near its nest will not only be more aggressive, it can alert other wasps and cause a swarm. The more attractants you have in your yard, the greater the chance a nest will be established in your yard.
An occasional visit from a wasp, bee, or hornet is fine. Stinging insects come to help pollinate the flowers and flowering plants in your yard. But that’s where the friendship ends. Don’t give them a reason to stay. Protect yourself from stinging insects with residential pest control from a licensed and experienced pest control provider, like Spencer Pest Services. We know which stinging insects pose a threat to your health and property and what works to control them. Reach out to us today to establish a plan.