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When Is It Time To Call For A Mosquito Treatment?

If you are wondering when it will be the right time to call for a mosquito treatment in Greenville, the time is now. While mosquitoes can be a nuisance for a large part of the year in South Carolina, they are most active in the spring and summer months. Spring is when mosquito eggs hatch and begin maturing into pesky, adult mosquitoes. By eliminating them before they hatch, you can help reduce the mosquito population around your property. Spencer Pest Eliminators has years of experience reducing the number of mosquitoes for Greenville-area homeowners.

Factors that Lead to Increased Mosquito Swarming 

Mosquitoes depend on water to complete their life cycle. They lay their eggs around the edges of standing water. As water levels rise, the eggs become submerged and can begin to hatch. The mosquito larvae will mature in the water and emerge as young mosquitoes. 

Adult mosquitoes also seek shade and moisture during the heat of summer. They will rest in swampy areas or on the underside of leaves where it is cool and moist. Mosquitoes are most active during dewy mornings or as dusk begins.

Professional Treatment is Worth It

It’s nearly impossible to rid your property of mosquitoes, especially with DIY methods. Bug zappers can attract and kill mosquitoes, but only in a small radius, and they are loud and messy. Sprays are often ineffective and can be full of harmful ingredients that you don’t want on your skin. Repellent candles or smoke repellents with citronella can be dangerous, and they rarely work.

Professional pest control technicians know how to target the most common areas where mosquitoes nest and breed. They not only kill the eggs and larvae before they mature, but they kill the adult mosquitoes, too. This helps to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. 

Why Choose Spencer Pest Eliminators

At Spencer, we are experts at mosquito reduction and management techniques. We offer seasonal services from March through November, the busiest time for mosquitoes in the Greenville area. We can also perform one-time treatments for special occasions, such as weddings or family reunions. 
Our technicians will show you areas where mosquitoes may be breeding and will help you identify ways to reduce standing water. We spray shrubbery and low-lying branches and target areas where mosquitoes breed. We will also point out areas on your neighbors’ property that may be causing issues. Contact us so you can enjoy your yard and encounter fewer mosquitoes this spring and summer.