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When Squirrels Become A Problem

It can be a lot of fun to watch wildlife as they roam around or play during a walk in the forest. Animals certainly can be entertaining, particularly squirrels, when they jump from tree to tree and play with each other. When it comes to squirrels it’s all fun and games…until they become a problem. It can be hard to imagine being annoyed with the furry little creatures, but once they get into your home you will be surprised at how frustrated you will be. Squirrels have been a problem for many homeowners, and I think they’d all agree that squirrels in the house is something that you most definitely don’t want! They are destructive by nature and can cause serious damage to the structure of your home including electrical wiring and insulation. They aren’t afraid to chew through wiring which is a fire hazard. In addition, squirrels are a sanitation issue as they leave nesting fragments and feces behind on your insulation. Both of these scenarios may be costly to repair. As if that isn’t enough, you and your family are likely to become annoyed when you hear them scurrying around your attic and running through your walls!

Since it’s clear that squirrels aren’t something homeowners should tolerate in their home, there are a few prevention tips that you can apply to try and keep them out. You can start by spending some home improvement time on your home. This includes sealing up any holes you find on the exterior of your home, especially around the roof, as squirrels will often gain easy access through tree limbs. To take extra precaution you could even cut back tree limbs that would provide a bridge for squirrels to cross onto the roof. Investing in a chimney cap and putting mesh or vents in place over any openings would also be helpful. Keep an eye out for loose or missing shingles while you are up there and make sure to get them replaced. Lastly, eliminate any food sources around your home such as bird feeders or garbage cans. These tips don’t guarantee that squirrels won’t somehow get in, but they will certainly help.

If you really want to keep squirrels at a distance, you can always enlist the help of Spencer Pest Services. Spencer’s five-step process guarantees removal of wildlife that is already present as well as protection from future unwanted infestations. This five-step process includes inspection, exclusion, trapping and removal, sanitize, and exterior rodent bait stations. Our Rat Man team will use these steps to thoroughly and efficiently remove any wildlife all the while implementing applicable prevention techniques, including monthly monitoring of any current problems. Though applying prevention methods yourself is encouraged, and some off-the-shelf removal technology can be very effective for certain pests, we strongly suggest that you avoid “do-it-yourself” techniques to remove wildlife. It’s dangerous for a variety of reasons ranging from trapping and poison safety to creating more problems that can be avoided with the use of professional wildlife removal services. To prove their promise to protect your home, Spencer Pest has a one-year warranty, meaning that if your squirrel problem continues to persist, they will be there to help. Watching wildlife roam and play can be even more fun without the worry of them getting too close to home. Call Spencer Pest Services today.