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When To Expect Ticks In Greenville

Whether you own pets or don’t have any pets at all in your Greenville home, you can still deal with tick problems this season. However, when exactly is tick season in the South Carolina area, and do temperatures really play a part in determining tick activity? Also, is it possible to keep ticks away from your property on your own and what can the pest specialists do to help?

When Are Ticks Most Active?

Contrary to what many people believe, ticks do not die off in the first winter freeze and return as soon as spring comes around. Ticks are a year-round pest that can affect the health of you, your pets, and your family no matter what season it is. However, adult ticks become most active as the seasons change from summer to fall, while ticks in the nymph phase are most active as spring changes to summer. Both of these influxes in tick activity can be problematic. Many Greenville residents enjoy spending more time outside because of the pleasant weather, which creates a higher likelihood that ticks will be brought into your yard or home.

Can I Keep Ticks Off My Property?

There is still a little time before Greenville ticks start becoming the most active, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until then to start taking preventative measures. Taking steps now to avoid ticks being brought onto your property or into your home can help ensure your home stays protected this year. Some of the steps you can start now include:

  • Keeping your grass cut short
  • Trimming tree branches and thick foliage away from your home
  • If you have pets, avoid letting them walk in areas with tall grass and thick brush
  • Equip your pets with veterinarian-prescribed flea and tick treatments
  • Start checking your skin, clothing, and pets for ticks before going inside

What’s The Best Way To Avoid Ticks?

Tick season calls for only the best tick prevention, meaning professional pest control is important in order to keep your home protected. The pest professionals here at Spencer Pest Services can provide effective home pest control services year-round. If ticks are causing you problems this season, contact us today!