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Where Are These Ants Coming From?

It is that time of the year again when most of us are relishing being outside having some fun in the sun. Of course, that can mean doing battle with a multitude of bugs like mosquitoeswasps, spiders, and ants. Ants, the perceived hard worker of the insect world, tend to not really be on our radar when we are outside. To most of us, these tiny black things are harmless enough as long as they stay off our arms and legs as we hike or as we sit in the warm sun; but, what about those inevitable ones that we find in the kitchen or in the bathroom on occasion? What do we do about those ones, and how on earth did they get inside my home?

Ants are indeed busy creatures. They will often find their way into a home just searching for something greasy or sweet to take back to their nest. Once they find a spot that gives them easy access to the food they are searching for, they will certainly come back to that spot for more. Though most varieties do not cause any real harm, most of us would prefer they stick to living outdoor and leave the inside to our family. A lot of these creatures are finding their way into our homes right through the front door or through a nearby window. Ants need a minute opening to find their way in; and during the summer, we tend to make it much easier than we should. Any cracks or crevice’s around doors and window screens make for easy access. They also find their way along the bug superhighway – the pipes coming into the house.

You unknowingly welcome pests like ants all the time just by not paying attention to small details around your home. Pests like ants use your inattention to things like making sure that the grass is trimmed, making sure that the bushes and plants do not touch the sides of the home, or making sure that trees aren’t hanging too low over the roof. Even debris in your gutters can attract the industrious ant to explore the outside of your home which will eventually allow them to get in through tiny cracks in the foundation or to slip under shingles and siding to less protected areas with openings underneath.

Regardless of how they got there, ants getting into your kitchen is just a step away from new ant nests forming somewhere in your home. Make sure that won’t happen. Give Spencer Pest Services a call today and ask about our year-round pest protection programs. After a full inspection by one of our highly-skilled staff members, we will work with you to make sure that your home is free of infestation from ants as well as other common pests and get you set up on an affordable way to make sure that it stays that way.