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Boiling Springs SC Pest Control

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Boiling Springs SC

At Spencer Pest Services, we are devoted to protecting homes and families in Boiling Springs, South Carolina from nuisance and potentially destructive pests.  We’re not your normal pest control company. We are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles just like you and always work diligently to deliver modern, people and pet friendly pest control solutions and exceptional customer service.

When you’re protected by the pink,  you’ll receive services from kind and knowledgeable experts who continuously train to apply the best treatments with the best results.  What’s more, you can expect professionalism and integrity from everyone in our company! 

If you’re looking for local pest control in Boiling Springs, choose Spencer Pest Services. You won’t be disappointed!

Residential Pest Control In Boiling Springs, SC

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At Spencer Pest Services we provide tailored, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, year-round home pest control programs that provide our Boiling Springs homeowners with easy scheduling, exterior treatments, a full and detailed report, and guaranteed services – plus no additional charge for visits between services to take care of any covered pests that may have returned! Our year-round home pest control programs options include:

  • Exterior treatments focused on the home’s walls and eaves.
  • Perimeter treatment of the areas immediately surrounding the house including A/C units, shrubs, patio stones, etc. 
  • Treatment for outlying harborage sites within 20-30 feet of the home including other structures, fences, mulch beds, decks, grass, etc.

Depending on the plan you select, your service might include termite control, seasonal mosquito treatmentsfire ant control, and more!  Get in touch with us today and discover which residential pest control package is the perfect fit for your Boiling Springs property!


Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips for Boiling Springs, SC

Like the many other pests that are found living throughout South Carolina, carpenter ants are a year-round threat to Boiling Springs property owners.

Carpenter ants typically create outdoor nests, but very often enter homes while out and about in search of food and water. Once these ants find their way into your home, they are drawn to water damaged, damp, or moist wood. However, it is important to understand that they have also been known to infest solid dry wood as well.

Preventing carpenter ants from choosing your home to invade is imperative for many reasons, but the most imperative reason being that they can cause extensive damage to structural wood found within your home that could cause the structural integrity of your property to be called into question.

To prevent carpenter ants from choosing your Boiling Springs home to invade we always suggest sealing off all entry points into your home around the foundation, exterior walls, and utility entrances. Other ways to help stop carpenter ants from being attracted to your home and property include:

  • Keeping moisture levels low in your home by fixing leaky pipes and fixtures.
  • Installing a dehumidifier.
  • Store food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Clean up spills and crumbs right away.
  • Vacuum and/or mop floor regularly.

And finally, the best tip that we have is, at the first sign of a carpenter ant infestation, contact Spencer Pest Services so that we can quickly implement the services needed to rid your home and property of these damaging pests completely!


Commercial Pest Control Services in Boiling Springs, SC

At Spencer Pest Services we understand how important it is to offer customized commercial pest control services to meet the unique needs of every industry and specific business that we serve. Benefits of choosing Spencer for your Boiling Springs business’ pest control needs include:

  • Effective tailored pest control programs that are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management
  • Thorough inspections
  • Fixed appointments
  • Same day service
  • The convenience of paperless reporting and documentation

Examples of some of the many industries and businesses that we serve include: the building industry, manufacturing and warehouses, property management, multi-unit housing, schools, and daycares.

Schedule your free inspection today to ensure that your Boiling Springs commercial property becomes and stays free of damaging and reputation-ruining pests!

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in Boiling Springs, SC

A bed bug infestation can happen to any person in any Boiling Springs property at any time, but by implementing the following bed bug prevention tips into your daily life you can greatly reduce the chance of introducing these invasive, parasitic pests into your home.

  • Routinely check the sheets, mattresses and box springs for blood spots or dark streaks.
  • Be wary of introducing used furniture, mattresses, or box springs into your Boiling Spring home.
  • Routinely wash jackets, hats and other outerwear that your family wears on a daily basis.
  • Always vacuum out or wipe down suitcases and other bags after returning home from a trip.
  • When out and about in public always keep you and your family’s coats, bags, purses, and other personal items up off of the ground.
  • Get routine bed bug inspections for your Boiling Springs home.

At Spencer Pest Services we have the bed bug control services available in Boiling Springs to solve any infestation. Our professionals can provide accurate bed bug inspections, effective eco-friendly conventional bed bug treatments, and even a bed bug warranty (call for details). Contact us today to learn more!