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Clinton SC Pest Control

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Clinton is known for being the gateway to Upstate South Carolina. This thriving southern city is the perfect place to own a business or home in. Clinton is proud to offer its residents a wide variety of amenities that make this quaint, quiet, beautiful city the perfect place to call home. To help protect your Clinton home or business from the many different types of pests that also live in Upstate South Carolina, turn to the local experts at Spencer Pest Services. We take great pride and care in providing the effective pest control services that you need to protect your home, family, and/or business from insects, rodents, and other critters. Just like you, we are moms, dads, and grandparents and will treat you like we would our own family in finding a solution to any pest problem that pops up in your Clinton home or business. Learn today why so many South Carolina home and business owners trust us to protect their property and family from annoying and potentially dangerous and damaging pests!

Residential Pest Control In Clinton, South Carolina

Pest Control Professional

Protect your home, family, pets, and belongings from pests through our kid-friendly, pet-friendly home pest control programs which provide our homeowners with easy scheduling, exterior treatments, a full and detailed report, and our guaranteed services that includes no additional charge for a re-treatment call. Our detailed year-round pest protection packages for Clinton homes are a comprehensive way to protect it from more than twenty of the most common household invading pests. Our three pest protection packages include:

Our Essential Package for home pest control covers more than 20 pests and termite control with Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

The Outdoor Living Package offers pest control for more than 20 pests in addition to providing outdoor flea, tick, mosquito and fire ant control.

Our Complete Package is our most comprehensive package and covers more than 20 pests in addition to providing termite, fleas, tick, mosquito and fire ant control.

To learn more about our effective, eco-friendly pest control services, contact the upstate of South Carolina pest control experts at Spencer Pest Services today!


Tips To Avoid Flea Bites In Clinton, South Carolina

Fleas are a very maddening pest to have to deal with for many reasons, including that once they find their way into your home, they are very challenging to get rid of. Fleas can enter into your home many different ways, they obviously can find their way inside on your pets, but can also get inside by jumping on your clothing, through used furniture, or they even may have been left behind by the previous owners of your home. While fleas certainly can be a difficult pest to avoid, the following tips can help you to prevent having a flea infestation in your Clinton home.

  • Do not place bird or other types of wildlife feeders on your property. They will attract wild animals who will undoubtedly introduce fleas onto your property.
  • If you own pets make sure that they are up-to-date on their flea prevention. If they currently aren’t on a flea preventative, talk with a veterinarian about which is best for them. When it comes to pets, year-round flea protection is best.
  • Vacuum your home’s rugs and floors often, paying special attention to areas where your pets most often spend their time, and to the cracks and crevices found around baseboards and between wooden floors.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly getting into all its cracks and seams.
  • Change and wash pet beds routinely; if possible it is best not let pets sleep on beds.
  • Washing all yours and your family’s bedding often.
  • Inspect yourself, pets, and kids for fleas before coming inside after spending time outside.

If fleas ever do make their way onto your property don’t fret, an infestation of these parasitic pests really can happen to anyone. Contact the professionals at Spencer Pest Services and we will quickly come to your aid, providing you with the services needed to quickly remove these tiny pests from your Clinton, SC home.

Protect Your Clinton, South Carolina Business From Pests

At Spencer Pest Services we know that pests that are common to our area and we know how to solve the many problems that they can cause. When you choose Spencer for your business’ pest control needs you are choosing a company that delivers results and that can provide a customized commercial pest control program that will ensure that your business becomes and remains free of pests. Our dedicated team of pest professionals has the experience, training, and patience needed to handle any pest problem that can occur in any commercial facility. Industries that we serve include the building industry, the property management industry, the manufacturing industry, warehouses, multi-housing units, and schools, and daycares. Our commercial pest control services provide our customers with highly effective pest control programs that are based on the principle of Integrated Pest Management. By thorough inspections, the special handling of problem areas, fixed appointments, same day service, and paperless reporting and documentation, we can help you to solve your commercial pest problems. Contact us today for more information on how the pest control experts at Spencer can help you to maintain a pest free facility in your Clinton business.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like In Clinton, South Carolina?

The first step into being able to identify whether you not you need help for a bed bug infestation is to know what these blood-feeding pests look like. The adults are the most easily seen and most easily identified. Features of adult bed bugs include that they grow to about 1/4 of an inch in length, they are wingless, and have six legs. Before feeding on a blood meal their body will be flat and oval in shape and they will be a reddish-brown color. If they have recently fed their body will appear swollen and elongated and they will be a more purplish-red color. If you ever discover what you think is a bed bug living in your Clinton home, immediately contact the pest control professionals found at Spencer Pest Services. Our professionals will quickly come to your aid, providing the following services to help accurately identify and eradicate and infestation. Spencer’s bed bug control services include:

  • A FREE bed bug inspection
  • Conventional treatment for an infestation using the most advanced and eco-friendly methods on the market
  • Our bed bug warranty

If you suspect that bed bugs may be living in your Troy home, don’t delay; give us a call today at Spencer Pest Services!