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Gaffney SC Pest Control

Live Pest Free In Gaffney, SC

Gaffney, SC offers its residents with many opportunities and benefits including easy access to large cities, beautiful mountain regions, and relaxing beaches. In addition, choosing Gaffney to live and raise your family means that you will be doing so in desirable neighborhoods and with access to thriving local businesses. But, what many people really feel is the best part of living in Gaffney is the chance to enjoy all four seasons of the year! Unfortunately, just like residents of Gaffney enjoy its spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons, so do the pests that also call Gaffney home.

To protect your South Carolina home or business from annoying or damaging pests, our locally operated pest control company provides green, effective, and affordable pest control solutions.

Trust the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, dads and grandpas that work at Spencer Pest Services to protect your Gaffney property and family from pests!

Residential Pest Control Services In Gaffney, SC

Pest Control Professional

Effective pest control that is eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly, that is every homeowner’s dream, but not a reality right? Wrong! With the help of the pest control experts at Spencer Pest Services that dream can become your reality!

At Spencer, we offer year-round comprehensive pest control packages that offer our customers the exact services they need to protect their kids, pets, and home from dangerous and damaging southern pests!

Our Complete Package is our most comprehensive package and offers general pest control services to control more than 20 household pests, termite control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, seasonal mosquito treatments, outdoor flea and tick control and fire ant control.

Our year-round general pest control services also include our Essential and Outdoor living packages and we also provide targeted pest control services to eliminate specific pests from residential properties. Our service offerings include:


Tips To Avoid Flea Bites In Gaffney, SC

Whether you own pets or don’t, protecting yourself and family from extremely itchy flea bites is important to everyone’s health and sanity! These parasitic pests are most often introduced onto Gaffney properties by wild animals and rodents. Fleas are fruitful breeders and a few can quickly turn into hundreds living near or in your home. To protect your family and pets from flea bites we want to provide you with the following tips:

If you own pets make sure they are being regularly treated with a flea preventative. Consult with their veterinarian to choose the best option.

  • Make sure that any holes or gaps found in the exterior of your home are sealed, that there are caps on chimneys, and covers over vents. This is not to keep fleas out, but pests like mice and squirrels that can introduce fleas into your home.
  • Make sure to inspect yourself and pets for fleas before coming inside after spending time outside.
  • Regularly wash all pet bedding.
  • Regularly vacuum carpets, especially in areas where your pets spend most of their time.
  • Routinely wash your home’s carpets.
  • Put into place a year-round pest control program to keep the pests that can introduce fleas into your home, out of your home!

If fleas have found their way into your South Carolina home, don’t despair, it happens! Contact us at Spencer Pest Services and we can quickly implement a pest control plan to eliminate the current infestation and to keep these very tiny, biting pests from coming back!

Gaffney SC Moisture Control For Crawlspaces

If your crawl space has been taken over by mildewmold and fungus, Spencer Pest Services has the solution. We have developed a system that can help any home, existing or brand new, control moisture problems.

In addition to resolving moisture problems, the CrawlSpace Care® system increases energy efficiency and maintains a clean and healthy environment within your home. Our three levels of moisture control services include:

  • Moisture and Barrier Vents; this is considered our “Good” option.
  • Vapor Barrier Plus; this is considered our “Better” option.
  • Full Enclosed Crawl Space with CrawlSpace Care®; our “Best” option.

For more information on our moisture control offerings or to get started, simply reach out to Spencer today!

Commercial Pest Control in Gaffney, South Carolina

Our dedicated team of pest control professionals has the experience, training, and patience needed to handle any pest problem that can occur in any Gaffney commercial facility. We work together as a team to help eliminate current pest problems and to put into place the services needed to prevent future problems so that you won’t need to eliminate pests from your facility again!

Benefits to choosing Spencer Pest Services to provide you with the quality, dependable, and cost-effective commercial pest control services you need to protect your business, customers, employees, and reputation include:

  • Our highly trained experts provide thorough inspections.
  • We take the time to get to know you and your business including its unique needs.
  • We offer customized pest control programs to all of our commercial customers.
  • Our effective pest control programs are based on the highly effective and “green” principle of Integrated Pest Management (IMP).
  • We know how hectic running a business can be, so we offer fixed appointments.
  • Same day service.
  • We offer Paperless reporting and documentation.

Don’t wait until your business has been taken over by roachesrodents, and other pests, contact Spencer today!