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Greenville SC Pest Control

Proudly Serving Greenville Since 1954

Spencer Pest Services is a locally operated pest control company that has been servicing homes and businesses in Greenville, South Carolina, since our founding in 1954. We take pride in building relationships with our customers and take your pest control issues as seriously as if it was our own family. Our P.I.N.K process is simple, and we will address your Greenville pest control issues quickly and efficiently.

At Spencer Pest Services, we offer four levels of year-round pest control plans so we can offer a plan to fit every homeowner’s needs. We also offer specialized services, including termite treatment, rodent and wildlife exclusion, bed bug treatments, fire ant control, bee and wasp control, mosquito control, and even moisture control solutions.
We are happy to work with homeowners, business owners, real estate agents, and builders. No matter which type of pest control you need, at Spencer Pest Services we are happy to help.

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Residential Pest Control In Greenville, SC

Pest Control Professional

Greenville, South Carolina, has been home to Spencer Pest Services for over 60 years.  Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this friendly city is where we’ve raised our family and have grown our business. We pride ourselves on providing effective, environmentally-friendly pest control services to our Greenville neighbors and friends.

As business owners and mothers, owner Sheri, and daughter, Lauren, know how important it is to provide services that are effective against Greenville pests that threaten health and property. We understand the unique needs of Greenville residents when it comes to pest control, as we live here, too.
Our team of pest control technicians will help you select the pest control plan that is right for your home and family. We make sure your family doesn’t need to worry about infestations and has a partner available to provide solutions. Contact us to learn more about our ongoing pest control packages or to schedule a free home inspection!

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Professional Flea & Tick Yard Treatment in Greenville, SC

Relaxing in your beautiful Greenville backyard is much more enjoyable when you aren’t constantly worried about fleas and ticks. At Spencer Pest Services, we offer relief from dangerous fleas and ticks with our professional flea and tick yard treatment. You can select from a variety of service plans and options that address the issues in your outdoor space.

Fleas and ticks are a pain to deal with. Even if you treat your animals on a regular basis, you can still end up with fleas and ticks in your home or yard. Spencer Pest Services has a professional flea and tick yard treatment that targets the root of the problem not the symptoms. Our team of experts are able to treat your home and yard when these pests are most vulnerable. Creating a home and yard that is completely flea and tick free. 

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Mosquito Yard Treatment in Greenville, SC

On a nice day there is nothing better than relaxing outside. But pesky mosquitoes can ruin it with their constant buzzing and biting. Let Spencer Pest Services take care of it for you! We offer a variety of service plans that get rid of those annoying pests in no time.

Our mosquito control programs include treatments that start in early spring when mosquitoes first emerge. Our technicians will locate areas of standing water around your property that could be harboring mosquitoes. We will offer suggestions for getting rid of water collection sites on your property and point out issues on neighboring properties. We will spray bushes, ground cover, low tree branches, and around decks and porches to reduce mosquito populations.

If you select our Mosquito Plus program you will also receive protection from fleas and ticks on your property. You can choose these services on their own or combine them with one of our year-round pest control programs to suit the needs of your Greenville property.

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Moisture Control in Homes in Greenville, South Carolina

Moisture issues in basements and crawl spaces can result in mildew, mold, and fungus. These issues can also cause insects and other pests to infest those areas and the rest of your Greenville home.

At Spencer Pest Services, we have developed a system to combat moisture problems. The CrawlSpace Care® system reduces moisture and helps to increase energy efficiency and maintain a clean and healthy environment within your home.

Our three levels of moisture control services include:

  • Moisture and Barrier Vents, which is considered our ‘Good’ option.
  • Vapor Barrier Plus is our ‘Better’ option.
  • Full Enclosed Crawl Space with CrawlSpace Care® is our ‘Best’ option.

For more information about our moisture control services, please contact us at Spencer Pest Services.

For more information about our moisture control services, please contact us at Spencer Pest Services.

Termite Control In Greenville, South Carolina

Whether you are a business owner, a builder, or a homeowner, Spencer Pest Services has a termite protection plan that can help. Our termite control in Greenville, South Carolina, will identify termite damage, exterminate existing termite activity, and stop termite colonies from re-establishing.

We work solely with the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate termites and their colonies. The unique bait stations target foraging termite workers who encounter the bait and carry it back to the colony. The bait interferes with the molting process, causing the termites to die. When the workers die, the queen dies and the colony is eliminated. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is the most effective means of protecting your Greenville property from termites.

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Protect Your Greenville, South Carolina, Business from Pests

At Spencer Pest Services, we understand that businesses are unique and your reputation is on the line. It’s best to prevent infestations rather than deal with eliminating them after. For businesses, we use an Integrated Pest Management strategy to prevent pests before they become a problem. 

Our woman-owned business takes pride in delivering results. We set fixed appointments, so you know when to expect us, and we offer same-day service if you need help right away. Our company is paperless, following in our commitment to being environmentally friendly, which means you have access to electronic records whenever you need them.

Contact us at Spencer Pest Services if you need a pest control plan for your Greenville-area warehouse, manufacturing facility, multi-unit housing complex, or if you are a builder. We can help businesses, large or small, stay safe from pests.

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