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Piedmont SC Pest Control

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Piedmont, South Carolina, is located along the Saluda River and is uniquely part of both Anderson and Greenville counties. Residents enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Piedmont and its scenic location. The only thing that can dampen the mood of Piedmont residents is problems with pests in and around their home. Spencer Pest Services is dedicated to providing safe, effective pest control services to protect Piedmont homes and the families that live inside of them. Rodents, termites, ants, flies, mosquitoes, and more are no match for the dedicated professional here at Spencer Pest Services!

Home Pest Control In Piedmont, South Carolina

Pest Control Professional

The best way to keep pests out of your home and away from your family is to put in place a residential pest control plan. We offer three home pest control packages that all offer easy scheduling, exterior services, pest control treatments that are kid-friendly and pet-friendly, a full and detailed report, and services that are guaranteed. We are a locally operated business run by moms, grandparents, and pet owners. We all, therefore, have a deep understanding of what homeowners need and want for both their homes and family. We pride ourselves in being able to offer quality pest control services to all of our customers and their families.

Our Basic Package for home pest control covers more than 20 pests and offers our very effective Zone 1, 2, 3 coverage. Our Zone coverage allows us to treat the exterior areas of your home and property in order to stop pests before they can get inside.

Our Essential Package includes everything that is in the Basic package in addition to providing termite control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

Our Complete Package is our most comprehensive package and also includes seasonal mosquito treatments, outdoor flea and tick control, and fire ant control. Whatever your needs, we have a pest control package to fit those needs! Contact us today and start protecting your family, your home, and your property from the pests that also call Piedmont home.


Rodent Control In Piedmont, South Carolina

Rats and mice are very common home invaders; they are attracted to things on the outside of our homes like gardens, compost bins, trash cans, and uneaten pet food. They often then decide to take a crack at the inside of our homes; and when they do, they find themselves in a place that makes them want for nothing – food, water, warm shelter, all within a short reach, why would they leave?

While rodents may not want to leave our homes once they enter, homeowners defiantly want and need them to get out, and get out quickly!

If you have noticed mouse poop in the kitchen or hear rats making noise in your attic or the crawl spaces found behind your home’s walls, there is only one thing to do- call the Rat Man! At Spencer Pest Services, we have a special talent when it comes to eliminating rodents. Over time, we have almost become one with rats and mice and have developed very effective ways to eliminate them quickly and easily from properties.

Our 5 step plan is a very effective solution to controlling and preventing problems with rats and mice in your Piedmont home.

  • A thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home.
  • The sealing of all entry points that rodents could enter through.
  • The humane trapping and removal of rodents from your home.
  • The use of sanitizing sprays in your home to neutralize feces, urine, and pheromones that may have remained after the rodents have been removed.
  • The Placement of exterior rodent bait stations to prevent rats and mice from re-entering your home.

If rats and mice are in your Piedmont home, call the Rat Man today at Spencer Pest Services and get rid of your unwanted houseguests fast!

Piedmont, SC, Termite Control

The professionals at Spencer Pest Services understand how dangerous termites can be. We also understand that it is not a matter of ‘if’ termites will invade your South Carolina home, but rather a matter of ‘when’ they will find their way into your home. To get rid of current problems with termites and/or to prevent problems with termites in the future we recommend and install the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology.

We promote the Sentricon® with Always Active™ because not only is it tough on termites, but it is extremely environmentally sound.  Our termite control services include our termite experts inspecting your property for signs of termites and then installing the Sentricon System on your property. The elimination process starts immediately when the termites enter the station, eat the bait (which they prefer over wood), and take it back to the colony, eliminating all of the termites from your property. The system then remains in place and is continuously monitored to prevent future infestations.

Get started protecting your Piedmont home from termites today by contacting the termite control experts at Spencer Pest Services!

Moisture Control Solutions For Piedmont, SC, Crawl Spaces

The professionals at Spencer Pest Services have developed the CrawlSpace Care® system to help owners prevent moisture, mildewmold, and fungus from developing in the crawl spaces located in their homes. This system can help families to live in cleaner, healthier homes with better air quality. It can eliminate moisture issues, and help to make your home more energy efficient.

We offer three levels of crawl space enclosure services to meet the needs of any home.

  • Moisture and Barrier Vents
  • Vapor Barrier Plus
  • Fully Enclosed Crawl Space with CrawlSpace Care®

The CrawlSpace Care system can be installed in any home – new construction or an older home. It will help to provide moisture control in any home and will make it a happy, healthier place for you and your family to live in.