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York SC Pest Control

Local SC Pest Experts

York, South Carolina is a small southern city that is located just southwest of the larger city of Charlotte, North Carolina. To protect your southern home or business from the pests that live amongst us, partner with the pest control experts Spencer Pest Services. Our moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas that work at Spencer Pest Services will partner with you to provide you with the pest control services needed to protect your family and home. To learn more about any of our affordable, eco-friendly, and highly effective pest control programs, get in touch with the family-friendly pest control professionals found at Spencer Pest Services today!

Home Pest Control In York, South Carolina

Pest Control Professional

At Spencer Pest Services we are a locally operated business and we each have our own families, giving us a unique understanding of what homeowners both need and want to keep their homes free of pests. Each of our residential pest control packages provides affordable, year-round protection against pests and include the benefits of easy scheduling, exterior treatments, treatments that are kid and pet-friendly, a full, detailed report, and services that are guaranteed. Listed below is a quick overview of each of the residential pest control package options.

  • The Essential Package – This package offers basic pest control and termite protection through the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.
  • The Outdoor Living Package – This package offers basic pest control, Mosquito Plus+, and fire ant protection.
  • The Complete Package – This package combines the above two packages together and offers basic pest control, Mosquito Plus+, fire ant protection, and termite protection.

To discover which package is the perfect fit for your York home and family, give us a call today.


Are Wolf Spiders in York, SC Dangerous?

Are you familiar with the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? This phrase is perfect to describe the wolf spider. Their name and large hairy appearance tend to lead people to believe that these spiders are much more dangerous than they really are. In fact, these spiders are basically harmless to people and want less to do with you than you do with them! Wolf spiders tend to live outside underneath rocks, woodpiles, landscaping ties and in other similar dark quiet areas. Instead of building webs to catch their prey, like other species of spiders, wolf spiders chase down and “hunt” their prey. They are shy and reclusive and typically only bite people if they are being directly handled or feel threatened. Their bite usually causes no significant health consequences for people, but precautions should still be taken if bitten. To keep wolf spiders and other species of both nuisance and dangerous spiders out of your York home call us at Spencer Pest Services and implement one of our year-round home pest control packages; contact us to learn more!

Commercial Pest Control Services in York, SC

The professionals at Spencer Pest Services are well-versed in knowing how to protect York businesses from pests. We take pride in being able to meet the unique needs of each individual business that we serve. Examples of businesses that we serve include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Education facilities
  • Builders
  • Schools
  • Daycares

Benefits to choosing Spencer Pest Services to deliver the pest control services needed to keep your York business pest free include: we provide effective tailored pest control programs that are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, our professionals complete thorough, accurate inspections, and fixed appointments, offer same-day service, and offer the convenience of paperless reporting and documentation. To learn more about implementing our commercial pest control services into your York business, give us a call today.

Protect Your York, SC Property from Termite Damage

Living in the South means that the threat of a termite infestation occurring inside of your home is ever present. Don’t give termites the opportunity to turn your York property into their own personal all-they-can-eat buffet. Partner with Spencer Pest Services and implement our termite control services to stop termites before they have the chance to begin feeding on your property’s structural wood. At Spencer, we eliminate and prevent termites by partnering with and installing the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ on York properties. This eco-friendly system is the number one brand of termite control. The termite stations are always active and work year-round to protect the properties where they are installed. Our termite control services include:

  • An inspection of your property to look for signs of termites.
  • The installation of Sentricon® with Always Active™ around your home.
  • The elimination of the entire colony after ingesting the bait.
  • The continuous monitoring of the stations by our professionals to protect your home from future termite invasions.

Call us today to get started protecting your home from being damaged by invasive, wood-eating termites. Remember it’s not a matter of if, but when!