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Why Bat Problems Are Best Left To The Professionals

Bats can cause quite a bit of pandemonium for people, especially when inside one’s house! They can definitely be scary. While they may scare people quite a bit, did you know these creatures are actually helpful to our environment? They help us out with certain habits they have, such as eating lots of mosquitoes. You may be thinking, “This is great, yippee for bats! But I still don’t want them anywhere near my property.” Well, we don’t want them near your home either. That’s why Spencer Pest Services is here to help. Insects may be what originally attracted bats to your property, but now they’ve made themselves comfortable in your attic. While we could all enjoy fewer mosquitoes, we still do not want bats living too close for comfort. These pests are dangerous and belong outside.There are many species of bats in our area, but the most commonly seen one is the little brown bat. Little brown bats are—you guessed it—brown! They have black pointed ears and dark leathery wings. The rest of their body is furry and they grow to be 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 of an inch in length. Their wingspan can be 8 to 11 inches. Little brown bats are considered dangerous, so your fear of bats is not completely misplaced. On top of spreading pathogens and illnesses, including rabies, their feces contains fungi that can cause histoplasmosis, which is a harmful lung disease. Bats can lash out and bite when they feel threatened or if they’re cornered. This is why it’s not safe to try to remove a bat from your home on your own. Your family could be at risk. They may also cause structural damage as they travel in and out of your home every day. Urine and feces will contaminate and damage your property while they live inside. To top it off, they may bring in other pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Just what you wanted, more pests!
As the weather cools, bats are more likely to be pushed indoors. They may choose your attic or your eaves, or other locations that they’re able to access like shutters, chimneys, barns, sheds, etc. Living on human properties allows them easy access to the supplies they need on a daily basis, such as food, water, and shelter. Bats feed on insects, so properties with lots of standing water could be at a higher risk for a bat infestation. There may be other risk-factors you are unaware of that are attracting bats to your property. During the colder months, bats are likely to use your property for a shelter from the weather. What better way to spend the winter than inside someone’s cozy, warm building?
It’s never safe to handle a bat infestation on your own. It’s much safer to leave it to a professional with experienced bat handling than to risk coming in contact or accidentally threatening a bat. This could pose a risk not just to you, but to your family or other guests as well. At Spencer Pest Services, we offer professional bat removal services. No one has more experience than us! Our experts can identify how they’ve entered your home and eliminate the infestation, we also take steps to minimize the risk of a new infestation in the future. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control options.