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Why Call Spencer If You’ve Got House Spiders

We could probably end the article by saying that house spiders are annoying and call it good. They’re super annoying! When these spiders invade the common areas of our homes, they begin to create wispy webs in every upper corner. These webs can grow quite large and can be irritating to clean up. The common house spider, also known as the American house spider, creates and maintains many webs as it attempts to find enough food to sustain itself. But there is more to common house spiders than their ability to be annoying. Here’s why we think you should give Spencer Pest Services a call if you’ve got a house spider problem.

The Big Picture

The problem of house spiders isn’t a straightforward issue. They don’t pose a bacterial threat. They don’t spread harmful pathogens. They don’t damage your home. And they rarely bite. When bites occur, they usually don’t result in anything more than an itchy red welt. So, you wouldn’t think that these bugs would warrant a call to a pest control professional. But the problem isn’t the threat those spiders pose. It is more about the way people respond to them.

Few people like spiders. When spiders start appearing in places they shouldn’t, it can make some people very nervous and drive them to attempt to get rid of those spiders with chemicals. These chemicals are far more dangerous than those spiders could ever be. When the wrong products are used, or when they are applied in the wrong locations, they can become a serious health threat in a home.

Pest Control Professional

What To Expect When You Call Spencer

When the team at Spencer Pest Services is called in to deal with a spider problem, they use a mixture of Integrated Pest Management methods, green pest control, and EPA-approved products to resolve the infestation.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a modern way of managing pests. It takes into consideration the habits, habitats and food preferences of the creatures that get into your home and uses this knowledge to control where these creatures go. With biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices and an introduction of resistant plant varieties, pests can be managed naturally. In the IPM methodology, chemicals are a last resort.
  • There are many pest control strategies that are completely green, such as sticky traps. If you’re dealing with spiders in your home, appropriate placement of sticky traps can be very useful for establishing control and reducing spider populations. Your Spencer pest professional has many tools and methods to choose from that are entirely green.
  • Sometimes pest control products are necessary when eliminating a spider infestation. A professional knows when these products are needed, how much to use, where to apply them and what products will do the best job with limited impact on other organisms. At Spencer Pest Services, we go to great lengths to keep our environmental footprint small. We don’t just work in North and South Carolina, we live here. The communities we service are the communities we raise our kids in.

The Best Way to Control House Spiders

If you’re ready to do something about spiders, there are two ways to go about it. You could invest in a one-time service to arrest your spider infestation or you could take the leap and get the essential pest control service no home should be without. There are many pests that can threaten your health and property. With Spencer’s Essential Package, you get coverage for some of the biggest threats that plague Carolina residents, including protection from subterranean termites, which can eat you out of house and home. Literally.

The Essential Package works to reduce spiders directly and indirectly. Since spiders eat bugs, the fewer bugs you have around and inside your home, the fewer spiders you’re going to have. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Why get rid of spiders only to have them come back again? Get rid of them and keep them away with ongoing, year-round pest control service.

If you’d like to learn more, drop us a line or schedule a free, no-obligation pest control inspection to get started. A pest inspection is a great way for us to meet and for you to find out what pest pressures you have. Reach out to us today.