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Why Call Spencer Pest Control for Wildlife Problems in South Carolina

We have many animals that come into our South Carolina yards. When they do, they can be fun to watch. Whether it is a raccoon playing in the water of your sprinker, a squirrel nibbling on a nut, or an opossum pretending to be dead on your back porch, animals can be captivating to watch. But it isn’t a good idea to allow wildlife to roam freely in your yard. And it is definitely never a good idea to feed them. Those wild animals can create many problems when they come into your yard. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Ticks and Fleas

Wild animals don’t come into your yard alone. They bring friends, in the form of ectoparasites like fleas and ticks. These parasites fall off in your yard and can be picked up by your pets. Ticks will also climb on humans and get carried into your home. This can expose your family to tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, tularemia, and many more. Tick disease can be deadly and some can lead to chronic disease and ongoing health complications.

Trash Dispersal

Have you ever come home to find trash spread all over your yard? Well, if you let raccoons visit your property enough times, it may just happen. Raccoons knock trash cans over and go digging for treats. The result is a big mess to clean up.

Breaking and Entering

If might be fun to feed squirrels nuts but this can set you up for property damage. A squirrel can do quite a number on a screened-in porch as it looks for the treats you’ve been offering. Those large holes in your screens will allow mosquitoes and other pests in. A squirrel is also quite adept at breaking into your attic spaces through your soffits and other vulnerabilities on your roof.


Most animals that come into your yard will run away from you before they will bite you. But an animal that has rabies will not only appear docile and come right up to you, it can attack without warning. When it does, the bite wound will contain the rabies virus, which is an extremely dangerous virus that requires a painful shot of rabies immune globulin. Without this shot, most people infected with rabies die from the virus. When the symptoms of rabies appear, it is too late to cure the infection. For this reason, physicians will suggest a rabies shot if there is any chance an animal may have had rabies.
Even if an animal doesn’t have rabies, it can become aggressive if it feels threatened or it is protecting young. Wild animals can sometimes behave like domesticated animals when they get to know you and understand that you give them food. But a wild animal is a wild animal and can be unpredictable, especially to an untrained individual who can not recognize the warning signals of nervousness.

Home Invasion

When wild animals get into your South Carolina home, they can cause a lot of destruction. They can contaminate interior locations with urine and feces. They can make lots of noise. And they can bring parasites into your home. We can understand it if you want to take action to remove those animals from your home but we strongly recommend that you let the wildlife control professionals at Spencer Pest Services take care of this kind of pest problem. Our technicians provide comprehensive services that deal with the whole problem. Your invading animal(s) will be humanely removed. Areas of contamination will be decontaminated. Entry points will be located and addressed. And you’ll have a one year warranty in place. If wild animals get in during your warranty period, we handle it for free. And, if you choose, you can renew your warranty annually so that you’re always covered.
Are you dealing with a wildlife issue right now? Would you like to stop wildlife issues before they begin? Either way, we can help. Reach out to Spencer Pest Services Rodent & Wildlife Control. Wildlife control is an essential service that every South Carolina home should have. Get your protection in place today.