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Why Call Spencer Pest Services If Fire Ants Have Taken Over Your Yard

Nothing can ruin outdoor fun faster than fire ants. If you have fire ant mounds in the location you plan to put up a volleyball net, good luck with that. If you have fire ant mounds near your backyard picnic table, cookouts aren’t going to be any fun. If you have fire ant mounds along the concrete of your pool area, sunbathing between dips in the pool won’t be nearly as relaxing. Fire ants are a pain. Literally. And they ruin outdoor fun. But you don’t have to let them. You can protect your home from fire ants with fire ant control from Spencer Pest Services and take your backyard back. The highly-trained and licensed professionals here at Spencer Pest Control know how to eliminate fire ant mounds.

4 Reasons to Choose Spencer Pest Services

  • Effective control of fire ants requires education in fire ant entomology and training in modern pest control methods. These are incredibly resilient insects that have many defense behaviors that help them prevent extermination. This is why DIY fire ant control often fails. Our team has the training, experience, and resources to arrest fire ant infestations.
  • We don’t spray your yard like some other pest control companies will. We put green pest control first. There is nothing worse than replacing the threat of fire ants with a threat of chemical exposure.
  • Our service professionals apply fire ant bait to solve fire ant infestations, using a product that is field-tested and proven to be desirable to fire ants. That means the ants will take it and colonies in your yard will be eliminated.
  • We know that new ants will come in to replace ants that have been eliminated, and we know how often treatments must be applied to prevent your backyard from being overrun again. We come three times a year to make sure your yard continues to be a great place to do all of the outdoor activities you love.

Greater Greenville residents choose Spencer Pest Services every year for fire ant control and control of other yard pests because we offer prompt, friendly service and effective pest control results every time. If you’ve been considering pest control for your yard, we would love the opportunity to show you what a difference it can make to have a trusted and professional service team on your side. Reach out to us today to learn more.