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Why Carpenter Bee Infestations Require Professional Treatment

Carpenter bees are much like any other bee you may encounter in your backyard: they have the same black and yellow coloring and are fuzzy-looking, just like bumblebees. However, they do differ from bumble bees because they do not have any stripes and their abdomens are black, hairless, and smooth. Carpenter bees are also quite large; they can grow up to about 1” long and with their stocky, oval-shaped bodies, can look quite threatening!

Only the female carpenter bees are capable of stinging, however, they are mostly docile in nature; the females rarely sting, but will do so if they feel threatened. Male carpenter bees are more aggressive and can be extremely intimidating due to their large size, but do not have a stinger. Homeowners should take precautions against these pests as their venom can cause allergic reactions in some people, but while it is important to protect yourself, your family, and your home against these pests and the dangers they present, carpenter bees are important pollinators that benefit our ecosystem, so they have to be handled appropriately.

The biggest threat presented by carpenter bees is due to their wood-tunneling habits; they can do extensive damage to the wood of the homes they invade as they create tunnels and galleries throughout them. Over time, these wood-destroying pests have the potential to weaken the structure of a home or cause extensive damage that will be costly to repair. In addition, woodpeckers like to feed on carpenter bee larvae, and will attack the areas of a home that has been infested by these bees and cause additional damage.

Some common signs of a carpenter bee infestation are finding small, dime-sized holes in wood, seeing piles of sawdust underneath the hole, or noticing a bee in or around that hole. When looking for these signs, it is best to inspect the places that they tend to invade like wooden playsets, outdoor furniture, porches, sheds, soffits, and decks.

If you have an infestation of carpenter bees or even think you be dealing with a carpenter bee problem, seek professional help right away. At Spencer Pest Services, we can help you eliminate any problems with carpenter bees around your property and prevent them from returning. Many homeowners attempt DIY methods to rid their homes of carpenter bees, but those methods can prove dangerous to whoever is implementing them and will be relatively ineffective at eliminating them. More importantly, DIY carpenter bee control techniques could inadvertently lead to more harm than good to the surrounding ecosystem. For eco-friendly and effective carpenter bee control, turn to our pest control professionals!

The experienced professionals at Spencer Pest Services in Upstate South Carolina and Northern Georgia offer professional pest control services that you can count on for effective elimination and prevention. To learn more about how we can help eliminate carpenter bee infestations in your home, give us a call today!