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Why Carpenter Bees Are Still Buzzing Around Greenville

It’s fall here in Greenville, South Carolina, and due to the temperate nature of our state, carpenter bees are still buzzing about. Hives are at full capacity, and bees are flying about preparing their homes and queens for a short, but still unsurvivable winter. This begs a few questions.

What Are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are not very different than your average bumblebee, sharing characteristics such as fuzzy-looking heads, as well as distinctive yellow and black coloring. Unlike bumblebees, however, carpenter bees’ abdomens are pitch black and absent of all fur. This tends to make them look a bit terrifying. The good news is, generally, they cannot hurt you. This is due to the fact that only female carpenter bees have stingers. Though not a major threat to your body, carpenter bees pose a much greater threat to your home.

How Are They a Threat to My Home?

Whereas bumblebees and several other stinging insects will build their hives on the exterior of structures, carpenter bees will dig deep, literally constructing their homes deep within the wood. Most of the time this act of digging, or rather tunneling, poses no threat to a home if done by only one bee. However, a major colony could mean much more serious damage. A single carpenter can drill a penny-sized, foot-long hole in its lifetime. Multiply that by several hundred and you are looking at irreparable damage done to the wood of your home. If carpenter bees have not yet infested, consider painting or treating any exposed wood around the exterior of your home. This makes for undesirable surfaces for digging. If carpenter bees have already infested your home, it is best to call the bee & wasp control experts at Spencer Pest Control.

Why Carpenter Bee Infestations are Best Left to a Professional

Oftentimes DIY tips are not enough, and in some cases make things worse. Some do-it-yourself sites may recommend sealing holes made by carpenter bees. This seems like a great fix until the carpenter bee finds his exit blocked and tunnels out another way, inflicting more damage to your home. Similarly, several self-help websites recommend using pesticides and chemicals to handle the problem yourself. If done incorrectly, this can mean possibly endangering yourself, your family, or your pets. Here at Spencer Pest Services, we have trained technicians on staff, who are ready to handle even your most invasive of carpenter bee problem. Sometimes fixing it yourself is not worth the risk. Trust Spencer Pest with your pest problems today.