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Why Do I Have Palmetto Bugs In My Greenville Home?

Finding a giant bug in your house can be startling. Discovering that it can fly is alarming. But learning that it’s dangerous is worst of all. If you find palmetto bugs in your Greenville home, you’ll experience all three of these things. Then you will probably want to know why they’re there and what to do about them

What are Palmetto Bugs?

You may know them as palmetto bugs, but in reality “palmetto bug” is just a common name for an American cockroach. American cockroaches are the largest cockroach breed in the US, growing to about two inches in length. They are usually reddish brown with lighter markings on their heads. They have six legs, two long antennae, and a pair of wings, which they can use to fly, although they usually don’t.

Why Do I Have Palmetto Bugs in My Greenville Home?

Palmetto bugs can get into your house through any gap, crack, or opening they find around the outside of your house. Once inside, they’ll look for a warm, dark, damp area to spend their time. They like enclosed locations and can often be found under or behind appliances. These roaches are likely to find your home appealing if there is a steady food supply and if there are moist areas where they can hide.

What Problems are Associated With Palmetto Bugs?

Ending up with an American roach infestation is not good for your house or your family. Roach droppings can stain fabrics, including curtains, clothing, and upholstery. Most alarming though, is their ability to endanger the health of your family. Palmetto bugs spend a lot of time in unsanitary places, and once they get into your home, they’ll spread bacteria and pathogens around that can cause serious illness. They’ve also been known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in people.

What Should I Do to Keep Palmetto Bugs Out of My Greenville Home?

Making your house unappealing and difficult to get into will help keep palmetto bugs out. Look around the exterior of your Greenville home for gaps around your windows and doors, cracks in the foundation, and holes in your siding. Repair or seal any that you find. Make sure that the areas around the outside of your house allow for proper drainage and that foliage is cut back so that the sun can dry potential wet spots.
Inside, ensure that humidity levels stay low and check for leaking pipes on a regular basis. Keep food stored in plastic or glass containers with tight-fitting lids. Clean up after meals and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.

What Should I Do if Palmetto Bugs Get Into My Greenville Home?

If palmetto bugs get inside your Greenville home, you may be tempted to get roach spray and call it a day. Unfortunately, roaches are incredibly resilient and many have become resistant to the chemical treatments used against them. 
In order to eliminate the entire American cockroach problem in your home, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company like Spencer Pest Services. We know where to look to get at the root of your problem and provide roach treatments that eliminates every last roach.

Don’t let palmetto bugs frighten you anymore. Contact Spencer Pest Services for reliable roach control.