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Why Do Mosquitoes Like Some People More Than Others?

There are many misconceptions about mosquitoes. For instance, it is easy to think that every square yard of the planet is filled with mosquitoes when you get mobbed by mosquitoes every time you go out into your backyard. But the truth is mosquitoes aren’t everywhere. They prefer areas with lots of vegetation and pools of stagnant water. The reason you get mobbed by mosquitoes in your backyard is probably because you have plants in your landscaping and you water those plants regularly. Today, we’re going to zero in on another misconception. It might seem like mosquitoes fly around and bite everyone they come in contact with but this is not the case. Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Are you attractive? Um… to mosquitoes, that is? Take a look below and find out.


Do you jog or work out outside? Mosquitoes are drawn to people who are giving off more heat. That is why you may have noticed mosquitoes taking more interest in you after your morning jog. They’re also drawn to perspiration. These are moisture pests that prefer areas of high humidity. This puts sweat at the top of the list for mosquito attractants.

Do you smell like a flower? It might seem strange to think that sweet smelling perfume or cologne would attract mosquitoes but they do. Male and female mosquitoes feed on the nectar of flowers. If you smell like a flower, mosquitoes will take notice.

Do you wear dark colors? Mosquitoes can’t see very well and they use dark silhouettes against the bright sky in order to lock onto their targets. While wearing dark colors certainly isn’t necessary for a mosquito to find you, it can be the deciding factor between you being bitten or someone next to you being bitten. Wear bright colors to reduce bites.

Are you pregnant? Mosquitoes are drawn to pregnant women for many reasons. Carrying a baby around is a lot of work and that can elevate your body temperature and make you sweat, two key factors for mosquito attraction. Along with these, you’re also putting off more carbon dioxide. These insects are drawn to clouds of CO2. If you’re at an outdoor gathering, mosquitoes will be drawn to the gas cloud formed by all of the people, but zero in on you once they arrive if you’re putting out more CO2 than everyone around you. This ability to find a blood meal by following CO2 gases is one of the prime ways mosquitoes find people at night. They can track a person from as far as 50 meters away using this ability.

Do you prefer shorts and a T-shirt? If you don’t like being constricted and find yourself wearing shorts and a T-shirt when everyone else is wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts, you could be targeted by mosquitoes because you’re providing more real estate for them to bite.

Do you enjoy alcoholic beverages? A Japanese study found that drinking one beer can significantly increase mosquito attraction. So it pays to be the designated driver at your friend’s backyard party.

Do you have good chemistry with mosquitoes? Mosquitoes may slide up next to you and ask for your number just because you have the right chemicals on your skin (metaphorically speaking). There are as many as 400 chemical compounds found on human skin that may play a role in attracting mosquitoes. Some studies have isolated a few but they don’t bear mentioning. (It isn’t like you can have them removed.) Just keep in mind that it might not be anything you’re doing to attract mosquitoes. You may simply be made of the right stuff. Also, keep in mind that some people produce chemicals that actually repel mosquitoes. We hope you’re one of the lucky ones!

Do you have smelly feet? You may be more attractive to Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are known to spread malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, yellow fever and more. This is definitely not a mosquito you want checking you out.

Whether you’re attractive to mosquitoes or not, life is better for everyone when mosquitoes aren’t around. If you’d like to enjoy your backyard fun without these annoying and dangerous pests flying around, we can help. Reach out to us a learn about our seasonal mosquito control service so we can make your yard a no-fly-zone.