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Why Greenville Homeowners Call Spencer For Yellow Jacket Help

As fall approaches, you might think that insect populations will decrease, but when it comes to yellow jackets, you’re likely to see more, not fewer, of them. Yellow jackets have spent the last several months reproducing and their populations are at a peak in the fall. Now they are busy looking for food and fattening up the queen before the weather gets too cold.

If there are a lot of yellow jackets around your Greenville property, it’s best not to attract them. They like sweet, sugary foods, so if you’re eating outdoors, keep food and drinks covered and take food items inside as soon as the meal or party is over.  Also, keep tight-fitting lids on your trash cans. To keep stinging insects away from you personally, avoid wearing bright colors and sweet or floral-scented perfumes or lotions.

They Are Aggressive

Yellow jackets are a danger to humans because they are territorial and they will attack if they believe you are threatening their nest. Since their nests are often built in bushes or trees or under the eaves of a roof, you could come close enough to make the insects feel threatened without even knowing you’re near a nest.
When yellow jackets attack, each insect can sting you repeatedly, and the stings are painful. These insects inject venom into their victims, causing an allergic reaction in some people who will need immediate medical attention.

Call a Professional

If you have a yellow jackets’ nest around your home, it’s not a good idea to try to eliminate the nest yourself. As noted, these insects are aggressive and dangerous. Instead of endangering yourself, call Spencer Pest Services to take care of your wasp infestation.

If you don’t know where the yellow jackets are nesting, Spencer’s professional technicians can check your Greenville property, locate the nest, and treat it to eliminate the stinging insects. And they’ll remove the nest so you don’t have to worry about a colony returning to it to bother you in the future.

Don’t let yellow jackets ruin your enjoyment of your home and yard. Call Spencer Pest Solutions today and ask about our services.