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Why Greenville Realtors Trust Spencer Pest Control for CL-100 Inspections

No matter how good a house looks from the outside, getting a wood-destroying insect report is an essential step in buying or selling a home. Termites and other types of carpenter bugs thrive in environments with rotting wood and high moisture. With many of them operating under cover of mud tunnels or hollow spaces, a small group of insects can destroy a house in mere months. Repairs from termite damage alone cost Americans over two billion dollars every year. If you’re in the housing market, obtaining a wood inspection such as the CL-100 is a necessary task when buying or selling a home.

Before you schedule your CL-100 inspection, know exactly what you’re asking for, how the process works, and what this specific inspection checks for.

CL-100 Inspections 101

The CL-100, also called the South Carolina Wood Infestation Report, is a home inspection focusing on possible wood damage that is required by lenders before you can close on any house.

It’s purpose is to look for any visible evidence of wood damage, mold, fungi, termites, and other threats to the structural integrity of the house. The concept behind this process is to give prospective buyers a chance to evaluate the home from a less-accessible point of view. The presence of wood-destroying components within a residence will make or break its property value for years.

CL-100s check for four primary things.

  • Previous termite infestation
  • Previous termite treatments
  • Wood-destroying fungi below the first main floor
  • Visibly damaged wooden structures below the first main floor

CL-100s are active for thirty days before a property closing, which is why it’s important to receive one of these inspections as soon as possible. Any ongoing wood damage to a residence may result in substantial repairs or even health concerns as time passes.

Ready for Peace of Mind?

If you’re a realtor, a buyer, or a homeowner looking to sell your house yourself in the state of South Carolina, trust Spencer Pest Services for a thorough CL-100 inspection before buying or selling a home. Our licensed professionals are committed to checking for any potential threats, not just termite damage. We understand that these things are time-sensitive during the high-stress property transferring process, which is why Spencer brings you fast and accurate inspection reports on time. Pictures and other relevant evidence are included in the report to ensure the highest amount of clarity is delivered to the necessary parties.

We believe in transparency, not salesmen secrets. Spencer ensures that all CL-100 forms are completed by a state-trained technician, helping us to provide uniquely lower inspection pricing for realtors around the clock. Contact us today to find out why Greenville realtors trust Spencer Pest Control for CL-100 Inspections year-round.