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Why You Can’t Allow Mosquitoes In Your Yard This Summer

It’s safe to say that no one likes mosquitoes. They seem to serve no purpose rather than to irritate and drive us to distraction on summer evenings when we’d simply like to enjoy a relaxing time outside. But are there more reasons we shouldn’t want mosquitoes around?

Here’s why you can’t allow mosquitoes in your yard this summer:

Since we’ve already touched on the annoyance factor, let’s start there. Mosquitoes can ruin your time outdoors like nothing else. One minute everything is great, and the next you’re being attacked by a swarm of hungry pests. They buzz in your ears, tickle your skin, and leave you covered in red, itchy welts.

Although itchy bites are enough to make you want to rid your Greenville yard of mosquitoes forever, lately there are more pressing concerns when it comes to mosquitoes. Worldwide they are the deadliest animals alive and, in the United States, they cause a fair amount of illness and death, as well. Mosquitoes are carriers of more and more diseases every year. With each bite you receive, there’s a chance that it’ll be from an infected mosquito that can transmit disease to you. While some mosquito-borne illnesses may only make you mildly sick, others are quite dangerous. Some can lead to life-long problems, and even death.

Some of the illnesses mosquitoes transmit in the United States include:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Dengue fever
  • Malaria

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Getting into Your Yard This Summer

Mosquitoes require moisture to breed. Eliminating all forms of excess moisture in your yard will do a lot to reduce the mosquito populations around your home, but this step won’t completely eradicate them.
Other mosquito prevention methods include:

  • Using citronella candles
  • Planting mosquito-repelling plants
  • Spraying your clothing with bug spray that includes DEET
  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants when outdoors 

These prevention practices will reduce, but not eliminate, the mosquito population in your yard.
The best way to get the population down to practically nothing is to call Spencer Pest Services. We offer both one-time treatments for special events, as well as seasonal treatments to keep your yard mosquito-free all summer. Contact us to learn more about our mosquito prevention services and to ensure a pleasant summer.