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  • Have you seen evidence that a raccoon, squirrel, or other critter has been in your yard?
  • Is there a smell in your house that you can’t identify or get rid of?
  • Would you rather pay for an “all-inclusive” nuisance wildlife solution versus incremental charges at each visit?
  • Would you like a warranty that would cover you in the off chance that your nuisance wildlife problem returns?


How To Remove Wildlife From Your Home

Dealing with wildlife is not something that you should try to take on alone. Many species native to the southern United States can be dangerous to your health, carry disease, or even harm you.

It is important that you rely on a team of wildlife removal specialists to take care of your wildlife problem.

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  • Multi-generational family leadership has guided our company for over 65 years
  • We have an accredited ACE (bug expert!) on staff
  • Our customers have been with us for an average of 11 years – that’s 4 more than most companies

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We Get Unwanted Critters Out Of Your Home.

And We Keep Them Out…For Good.

Our thorough 5-step process ensures squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife are removed from your home and can’t return.

  • Inspection: We identify current activity, access points, and resting and nesting areas.
  • Exclusion: All entry points to your structure are be sealed to prevent critters from entering.
  • Trapping and Removal: We strategically place various live cage traps, glue boards, and snap traps around your structure where we found wildlife activity during the inspection.
  • Sanitize: To eliminate pheromones and neutralize the feces and urine that these pests leave behind, we use a sanitizing spray on critical areas after the wildlife activity has subsided.
  • Exterior Bait Stations: Exterior baiting minimizes wildlife populations along the exterior of the structure and reduces the chances of wildlife infestations inside.

Never Worry About Wildlife Control Again

Our Premier VIP Program is a proactive & comprehensive plan that fully protects your home from all pests and nuisance wildlife.

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