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Year-Round Prevention Tips to Keep Fire Ants Out of Your Yard

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, fire ants are a problem in our North Carolina, South Carolina and Northern Georgia service area. They invade yards, ruin cookouts, get into electrical boxes, and generally drive us crazy. For some individuals, they are a significant health threat. The venom of a fire ant can cause anaphylaxis for those who are allergic. And they can be a torment for babies, the infirm, and others who can’t get away from their painful stings. Here are a few ways you can deter these ants from coming into your yard and coming near to your home in spring, summer and fall.

Fire Ants


Everything comes back to life in the spring, including fire ants. While the cold weather causes these ants to become dormant, the warm weather perks them right up. So it is important to consider things that can attract these ants to your yard during the spring.


Like many pests, these insects need moisture to survive. Reduce stagnant water and moisture to make your landscaping less inviting.

  • Consider putting space between your plants for better airflow.
  • Make sure gutters are clear of any obstructions and working to allow water to flow down and away from your home.
  • Only give your plants the water they need.
  • Fix any leaky spigots or hoses.
  • If you have mulch, consider turning it every other week to reduce moisture retention.
  • Brush piles are often created in the spring as you pick up sticks and remove dead branches from your landscaping. Keep brush at least 20 feet away from your exterior walls or remove them from your property.

Food Sources

  • Make sure you put your trash in sealed receptacles and consider placing them away from your exterior walls. Routinely wash these receptacles to reduce smells that can attract fire ants.
  • When you have a cookout in your backyard, remember to clean up. Leftovers can lure these ants in, and they might decide to stay.
  • Make sure soda cans and other cans that contain sweet liquids are put in sealed bags that do not allow the smells to leak out.
  • Keep in mind that insects are food for fire ants. If you have routine pest control for your foundation perimeter, it will have an impact on fire ant populations.


All through the summer, these ants will be exploring for locations to spread into. There are some conditions that are more favorable for these ants. If you change them, you can make your yard less of a target. Note: you’ll also be deterring several other pests by applying these tips.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed low. Overgrowth leads to moisture retention and tall blades of grass provide shade for these ants.
  • Remove unneeded vegetation from your landscaping to reduce the density.
  • If you spill a cup of juice, soda or some other sweet liquid outside, clean it up quickly or dilute it with water.


When the leaves start to turn, something unique happens in your yard. It suddenly becomes the perfect place for ants and other pests to be. Why? Because leaf litter creates the ideal environment for many pests, including fire ants. We have just one fall tip: Keep leaves from gathering in your yard. Rake them away from your home and off your property if possible. This can help to prevent a fire ant nightmare next spring.

Understanding Fire Ants

It is important to know everything you can about fire ants because they can become a serious problem. Fortunately, it isn’t a problem you have to handle on your own. The licensed and experienced pest professionals here at Spencer Pest Services use field-tested products and industry-trusted control strategies to locate and eliminate fire ant colonies. We’ve been helping families safeguard their health and property from pests since 1954. Let us leverage our experience and understanding of pest control to give you the best results possible. With Spencer, you’ll always get friendly, reliable and effective service. If you have ant problems, we can help. Get started clicking the little “contact us” button at the bottom of the screen. A professional is standing by to assist you.